Why choose an Eurel slicer?

BASICLine presents folding slicers made of plastic. By their characteristics, they are intended for smaller kitchens and use in different locations.
TRENDLine slicers are made of high-quality plastic with a combination of metal components and are an ideal combination for everyday use.
With their all-metal housing, high rigidity and slicing quality, and a touch of elegance accentuated by the glass support plate, PREMIUMLine slicers are designed for users who know what they want in their home kitchen.
Eurel slicers have a reliable safety system that ensures easy and safe handling of the appliance. The safety switch prevents the possibility of unintentional activation of the slicer, and all switches are positioned to allow safe use of the appliance. With the knob and blade guard, handling is safe and easy, and maintenance is tool-free. The table safety latch allows safe storage of the slicer.
Since the blades can be disassembled and reassembled easily and without the use of tools, it is also easy to clean. The user-friendly design ensures that as little food residue is left on the slicer as possible, making cleaning quick and easy. Just wash the components in lukewarm water or wipe with a soft cloth after use. The RS4 series slicers are easy to fold, so you can store them wherever suits you best.
The slicers are designed in such a way that the food slides better and easier during slicing. The large surface area of the carriage allows for the slicing of larger pieces of food.
The large button makes it easier and more precise to adjust the thickness of the cut from 0 to 17 mm. The more detailed scaled slicing thickness setting for the first 3 millimetres allows for precise slicing of extremely thin food slices.
Eurel slicers are faster and more accurate than any kitchen knife. The high-quality stainless blade from the German manufacturer ensures a smooth slice. With the 2in1 universal blade, you will perfectly slice different types of food.
Thanks to its precise and stable slicing, it can slice all kinds of foods – including fruit and vegetables – to make delicious homemade potato chips, pumpkin or beef carpaccio, cheese slices and similar snacks. Adjusting the rotational speed of the blade is an additional advantage of the Eurel brand. The lower rotation speed of the blade serves to slice softer foods better, while the large surface area of the carriage allows even larger pieces of food to be sliced.
Thanks to the powerful and at the same time extremely quiet built-in DC motor, any food preparation or socializing with family and friends is pleasant.
The minimalist, elegant look of the Eurel slicers fits nicely into all styles of kitchens. Thanks to its high quality and convenience, the appliance will serve you faithfully for many years. The sophisticated and durable design is not only of exceptionally high quality, but also allows for easy cleaning, proving that the appliances are truly designed to serve you as the best helper in your kitchen for a long time to come.
In order to keep the kitchen counter always tidy and free of unnecessary cables, the connection cords, depending on the model of the slicer, are easily wound or stored in the appliance housing.
The RS94 Slicer has a built-in automatic cable retractor, which is also developed by Eurel.
The RS4 series slicers are foldable, which means they can be easily transported between locations and stored anywhere.
Trays are added to the slicers to serve as a storage surface during slicing. In case of food residues, they can be easily stored in the refrigerator with an additional tray and clip. Composite trays are also suitable for preparing snacks or snacks that you take with you.
Always reachable QR code on the slicer for access to instructions and video presentation of the use of the appliance.
EUREL Slicers are developed, designed and manufactured in Slovenia.

Designed and manufactured in Slovenia

2 years warranty

BPA –free plastic

European compliance

Become a perfect host

Perfect, even and thin slices. Exceptional freshness of the food. We promise that your family and guests will be delighted.

BASICLine Slicers

TRENDLine Slicers

PREMIUMLine Slicers

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Material plastic plastic plastic aluminium, plastic aluminium, plastic aluminium, glass aluminium, glass
Housing plastic plastic plastic plastic plastic Metall Metall
Activation instant on permanent permanent permanent permanent permanent permanent
Cutting blade 72 teeth 2in1,
144 teeth
144 teeth
144 teeth
144 teeth
144 teeth
144 teeth
Cutting Thickness Range 0-17 mm 0-17 mm 0-17 mm 0-15 mm 0-15 mm 0-15 mm 0-15 mm
Blade Rotation Speed Setting
Carriage material plastic plastic plastic plastic aluminum plastic aluminum
Inclined structure
Small food tray, transparent
Small food tray, antracite
Large food tray, transparent
Large food tray, antracite
Tray clip
Power Cord Storage in the housing in the housing in the housing in the housing in the housing in the housing automatic cable retractor
Precise adjustment of the cut thickness (0-3 mm)
Carriage safety lock
Warranty 2 leti 2 years 2 years 2 years 2 years 2 years 2 years